2016 Episode 5, Lori’s Concern

This episode’s cycling tip: Take a break if you need one. [Video]

Weekly Cycling Roundup, 3/28/16

Dodging land mines on trails used by both bikers and horses can be an arduous, and messy, task at times!!

Homeless College Student, Pedal For scholarShips!

Help open the educational doors for the homeless!!

2016 Episode 4, Frank Bonks!

This week’s cycling tip: Fuel before, during, and after the ride! [Video]

Weekly Cycling Roundup, 3/21/16

First there were books “for Dummies”, then “i” everything, iPhone, iCard, iPad, and now everything is “smart”, smart phone, smart house, smart car! We’ve gone from dummies to smart, progress!

Financial Aid Falls Shorts, Pedal For scholarShips!

When university’s financial aid is not enough!!

2016 Episode 3, I Can Too!

This week’s cycling tip: Don’t over ride your skill and health level! [Video]

Weekly Cycling Roundup, 3/14/16

With cycling season right around the corner, this week’s info-to-know is for safer biking.

Student Hunger, Pedal For scholarShips!

Student’s can’t do their best when hungry!

2016 Episode 2, Frank’s Gizmos

This week’s cycling tip: All you really need is an operable bike! [Video]