Weekly Cycling Roundup, 3/21/16

@Amy Roh/Hastings Tribune

@Amy Roh/Hastings Tribune

4 Things To Know This Week. 

  1. Smart phones, smart cars, smart cameras, yep, you guessed it, and smart bikes!
  2. Things that make you go, hmmmm.
  3. In the words of Charles Bronson in his notorious vigilante role in Death Wish, “what if the cops can’t handle this….”  In steps a real life bike vigilante delivering bike justice where the cops have failed.
  4. “Biking to the Blarney Stone” a bike-a-thon fundraiser raised over $19K for a local YMCA.  Maybe we should get a truck load of stationary bikes, set them up at the stadium on game day, and pedal for scholarShips. Not!  Would miss riding in the countryside in the crisp fall air too much.

GameDay Metric Tour 2016

GAMEDAY METRIC TOUR UPDATE:  Spring is here!!  Get off your trainer and let your wheels hit the pavement!  Don’t miss the next episode of Cycling With Frank, Wednesday 3/23/2016.

Weekly PlaylistWeekly Playlist. This week is Holy Week and it ends with Good Friday and Easter Sunday. What better way to recognize this week than with a gospel-tinged inspirational playlist. First up is The Rance Allen Group with “A Lil’ Louder (Clap Your Hands)”, followed by “I Can Make It” by Bryan Popin, Kirk Franklin & God’s Property with “Stomp,” Darwin Hobbs and Michael McDonald with “Everyday,” and closing out with gospel legends The Clark Sisters with “You Brought The Sunshine.”

Listen to playlist here on Spotify:

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