Weekly Cycling Roundup, 3/28/16


@Karie Simons/Newark Post

@Karie Simons/Newark Post

6 Things To Know This Week.

  1. Phew-ew! What’s that smell?  Share the trail, horses, bikes and chips!
  2. Something in the water don’t compute when errant drivers are still getting off light for hitting cyclists.
  3. Boost to tourism, city plans another two-day bike ride.
  4. Hey you, get off the sidewalk unless you will get a ticket!!
  5. It’s time to put up or shut up for The King of Instagram on his $1.2M bet to cycle from LA to Vegas in 48 hours ends this week.
  6. It’s hard to say good bye to your beloved bike but when the time comes there’s a better place for her (or him).

GameDay Metric Tour 2016

GAMEDAY METRIC TOUR UPDATE:  Registration opens in May!

Weekly PlaylistWeekly Playlist. Spring has sprung, and the funk is in the air. This week’s playlist is a funky affair beginning with the Ohio Player’s “Funk-O-Nots”, follow by “Awful Thing” by CeeLo Green, “Lady’s Wild” by Con Funk Shun, Cameo with “Skin I’m In” and closing out the set with The Godfather of Funk, George Clinton, and Parliament with “Rumpofsteelskin”.

Listen to playlist here on Spotify:

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