2016 Episode 8, I Told You So

This week’s cycling tip: Still having fun? Of course you are! [Video]

Weekly Cycling Roundup, 4/25/16

One of the last photograph images of His Royal Badness was of him riding a bike. #JEREMIAHFREED

Weekly Cycling Roundup, 4/18/16

Banned! Sagging pants, no problem. Amber Rose SlutWalk wear, no problem. Biking shorts, really?

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2016 Episode 7, Level 1 Climb?

This week’s cycling tip: Use your gears, the granny gear is your friend! [Video]

Weekly Cycling Roundup, 4/11/16

Hell has frozen over, park rangers have radar guns to catch speeding cyclist!

Broke And Hungry, Pedal For scholarShips!

The reason why we pedal, food security, or lack thereof, may be one of the major reasons why many students don’t complete their degree!

2016 Episode 6, Frank Falls!

This week’s cycling tip: There are two types of cyclists, those that have fallen, and those that haven’t fallen yet! [Video]

Weekly Cycling Roundup, 4/4/16

Fact or myth, cycling is mainly for the wealthy?

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