Broke And Hungry, Pedal For scholarShips!

America’s College Students Are Still Broke and Hungry as Hell

[HILLARY POLLACK/Munchies] The old stereotype of a college student miserably eating ramen for a week straight, or even gnawing on a discarded pizza crust or digging into a tin of cat food in tough times, seems like a bit of a joke despite its resonance. Hell, a lot of us have been an 19-year-old with an empty bank account, sinking into a dilapidated fourth-hand couch and occasionally eating a dinner of spaghetti with ketchup and cut-up hot dogs, right? But most college students are patiently waiting to cash in on that end-of-the-rainbow dream job that will mysteriously materialize mere hours after graduation day, enabling them to enjoy a future of fine food. (Except, not so much.)

And that’s if they can complete their degree in the first place. According to a new report, food security, or lack thereof, may be one of the major reasons why many students don’t make it that far.

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One thought on “Broke And Hungry, Pedal For scholarShips!

  1. Food insecurity and hungry students is a real issue on college campuses cross the US. Students cannot learn if they are hungry!

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