Weekly Cycling Roundup, 4/11/16



7 Things To Know This Week.

  1. It can’t be, park rangers using radar guns to catch speeding cyclists? No wonder my yard was covered with snow in April, hell is freezing over!
  2. Although my yard was covered with snow Saturday, spring has really sprung and it’s time to wipe off the dust, and snow, on your bike and get a fresh tune up to start the season.
  3. Bet you didn’t know not a single American has been killed using a bike share.
  4. Using bicycles to patrol dense urban areas where traffic congestion sometimes occurs is effective policing.
  5. Make sure your AAA membership is up to date, AAA launches roadside assistance for bicyclists.   If it includes towing, my Plus membership has 100 miles of free towing, I could do a self-supported century ride with AAA as SAG.  Genius, right?
  6. Tour de Trump (yes, really!), is another oft-overlooked failed venture of the real estate tycoon in 1989. It was going to be very, very, very big!
  7. AWESOME, a mountain bike trail for adaptive cyclists! Just AWESOME!!

GameDay Metric Tour 2016

GAMEDAY METRIC TOUR UPDATE:  New starting location for the Charlottesville’s tour.  Follow us on Instagram @GameDayMetric to see pictures from the new route.

Weekly PlaylistWeekly Playlist.  A little spring snow never hurts anyone, and it sure doesn’t stop the groove.  Let’s keep the groove flowing with this week’s playlist.  The Time kicks things off with “Wild and Loose , follow by “So Hot from Rashaan Patterson, Larry Gold  with “Dancefeaturing Gerald Levert, “Shake It by Nils, and closing out with Maxi Priest’s “House Call featuring reggae rapper, Shabba Ranks.

Listen to the playlist here on Spotify (yep, once again my album crates are richer than Spotify’s digital library… Rashaan Patterson’s So Hot is not included below):

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