Weekly Cycling Roundup, 5/23/16



7 Things To Know This Week.

  1. Semi-pro-cyclist creates a cycling team in the city’s roughest housing projects to not only give at-risk kids positive life experiences through bikes, but in hope to break the cycle of public housing dependency.
  2. National bike to work day was Friday, more people are choosing to bike to work than ever before. Across the United States, bike commuting has increased 62 percent since 2000.
  3. Five companies crushed bike to work day.
  4. Were you scared of biking to work? Don’t be, just do it!
  5. Still scared of biking to work? Well, here’s another solution for you, a cycling studio on wheels.
  6. In actuality, biking has becoming safer. Although the linked article is southwest Florida centric, the four things enumerated as making biking safer applies globally.
  7. Bikes may be answer to Baltimore’s traffic congestion. Now that’s scary, biking in the city of Baltimore.

GameDay Metric Tour 2016

GAMEDAY METRIC TOUR  UPDATE:  Hopefully nicer riding weather is here to begin training for the tour in earnest.  Stay tuned, registration information on the horizon.

Weekly PlaylistWeekly Playlist.  [Guest PJ] David’s taking another break (slacker) so we’re back again to give you something just a little bit different.  We started by getting stripped down with an acoustic mix then we got under the covers.  Now I want to know….are you ticklish?  Because this week we’re tickling the ivories.  We’ll start across the pond with Sir Elton John bringing us “Honky Cat.”  Next we’ll move to Sweden with Avicii telling us he’s “Waiting for Love”.  Then it’s time for some good old fashioned rock and roll.  Marc Cohen takes us on a stroll through Tennessee while he’s “Walking in Memphis.”  The Boomtown Rats pound it out stating the obvious with “I don’t like Mondays. “ And finally we end up on Long Island with Billy Joel, fittingly playing “Captain Jack” since that’s a good start to getting stripped down and under the covers.  What comes next?  Well here’s a tease.  Austin Powers would approve.  RB

Listen to playlist here on Spotify:

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