2016 Episode 11, Be Quiet!

This week’s cycling tip: One of the joys of training with a group is the conversation. [Video]

Weekly Cycling Roundup, 5/23/16

Were you afraid to bike to work Friday on National Bike To Work day?

Relieve Family Anxiety, Pedal For scholarShips!

The reason why we pedal, to help relieve family math anxieties as they struggle to find ways to pay for college.

2016 Episode 10, I Gotta Pee!

This week’s cycling tip: When you gotta go, you gotta go! [Video]

Weekly Cycling Roundup, 5/16/16

While accidents and air pollution pose serious risks, bike commuting is still the best choice for your overall health!!

False Promise of Tuition-Free College, Pedal For scholarShips!

The reason why we pedal… Help students pay their tuition!!

2016 Episode 9, Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

This week’s cycling tip: Stay hydrated, but be careful not to over-hydrate which could lead to hyponatremia. [Video]

2016 Episode 8, I Told You So

This week’s cycling tip: Still having fun? Of course you are! [Video]

Weekly Cycling Roundup, 4/25/16

One of the last photograph images of His Royal Badness was of him riding a bike. #JEREMIAHFREED